Tenant Protection Measures for Those Impacted by the January 22, 2024 Flooding


On January 30, 2024, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors took new actions to help people in communities flooded by the January 22, 2024 torrential rains, including putting into place temporary additional tenant protection measures. The approved ordinance prohibits people who were affected by the floods from being evicted without just cause. The ordinance also restricts certain rent increases on eligible properties from January 22 to March 30, 2024.


The flood affected areas specified in the ordinance include residential units located in the following ZIP codes: 

San Diego Spring Valley National City Lemon Grove Coronado
92102 91977 91950 91945 92118


If you were affected by the January 22, 2024, flood and have been notified of a rent increase that you suspect may not be lawful, please contact the Legal Aid Society at 877-534-2524 or your personal attorney. If you have questions about the legality of a rent increase you received, you may find additional information on State Law here. 

If you were not affected by the January 22, 2024 flood and have been notified of a rent increase that you suspect may not be lawful, there may be existing protections in place from the State of California and through the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 or, depending on your city, there may be additional rent control measures in place. For assistance, contact your personal attorney or the Legal Aid Society at 877-534-2524. 

Additionally, if you are in any of the following housing types, additional resources may be available:

  • Residents of Mobile Home Parks
    Mobile Home Assistance Center: (800) 952-8356

  • Residents of Affordable Housing Developments
    Contact your Property Manager

  • Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher) Recipients
    Contact your local Housing Authority