Register for Emergency Alerts

The emergency notification system can make phone calls to people and businesses in San Diego County when there's an emergency or disaster happening or about to happen. It's used by emergency workers to tell people what's going on and what they should do (like leave their homes, stay inside, or watch out for a gas leak or a missing person). The system can call both listed and unlisted landline phones using the 9-1-1 phone list from the local phone companies.

It can also send alerts to your cell phone, internet phone (VoIP), and email, but only if you register. You don't have to sign up if you have a regular landline phone; they already have those numbers in their system.

Alerts in American Sign Language (ASL)

Accessible AlertSanDiego is a service that helps people in San Diego County who are deaf, blind, hard of hearing, or deaf/blind get emergency information.

You can receive emergency messages on devices like computers, cell phones, tablets, and special devices that help people who are blind or have low vision (like Braille readers). These messages are shown in American Sign Language (ASL) videos, and there's also English voice and text with them.

When you sign up for AlertSanDiego, you can choose the "Accessible Option" to get these messages in American Sign Language (ASL).

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Wireless Emergency Alerts


Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are emergency notifications from local, state, or federal officials that are broadcast to cell phones in a targeted area, alerting residents about the emergency, and with important, but limited information such as the emergency's location, what actions residents should take, and how they can find out more information. WEA messages are limited to 90 characters, so it’s important for residents to follow up on the alerts by turning to local media and/or officials for additional details. Most newer phones are WEA-capable, and no registration is required, so whether you’re a long term resident, or recently arriving tourist, student, or military service member, if your phone is WEA-capable, you can get these important alerts.

The National Weather Service and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children can also send WEA messages to residents to alert them to possible dangers like Flash Flood Warnings, or with information on abducted children with AMBER Alerts.

Due to the many varying cell phones on the market, if you are unsure if your phone is WEA-capable, your cellphone manufacturer and provider are the best sources to consult with to determine if your device can receive these important messages.