03/15/2024 02:09 PM PDT

Disaster CalFresh Application Deadline Extended

The deadline to apply for Disaster CalFresh has been extended for one more week for people affected by the Jan. 22 storm flooding. 

Due to presidential disaster declaration rules, San Diego County residents affected by the flood have until Friday, March 22, 2024 to apply for Disaster CalFresh. Residents already receiving CalFresh also may be eligible to receive a Disaster CalFresh supplement.

For a list of authorized EBT retailers, visit fns.usda.gov.

To apply for this one-time payment, you must:

  • Live or work in the disaster area during the disaster.
  • Buy or plan to buy eligible food.
  • Be experiencing challenges due to the disaster.

The County will review applications for:

  • Net income, which is the total monthly take-home income after all payroll withholding and any liquid resources.
  • Deductions for disaster-related expenses.
  • Whether the total net income and deductions for disaster-related expenses are equal or less than the Disaster Gross Income Limit to receive the benefits.

The monthly income limit is based on the number of people in your household and the maximum amount of Disaster CalFresh benefits is outlined in the chart below.

Household size Monthly Disaster CalFresh income limit Maximum CalFresh allotment
1 $2,085 $291
2 $2,514 $535
3 $2,942 $766
4 $3,380 $973
5 $3,845 $1,155
6 $4,308 $1,386
7 $4,736 $1,532
8 $5,165 $1,751
9 $5,594 $1,970
10 $6,023 $2,189
Each additional member Add $429 Add $219

For example, a family of three with a monthly income of $2,942 after deductions for flood expenses would be eligible for a $766 Disaster CalFresh benefit amount.

People impacted by the Jan. 22 flood can apply for these benefits in one of several ways:

The one-time benefit will be provided on an EBT card.