Disaster Info Updates

Post Date Headline Accessible Formats
05/22/2024 05:28 PM PDT Knolls Fire Final Update, Evacuation Warning Lifted
05/22/2024 02:35 PM PDT Knolls Fire near Rancho Santa Fe, Evacuation Warning Issued
05/18/2024 01:45 PM PDT Ongoing Response for Camino Structure Fire in Otay Mesa
05/17/2024 09:05 PM PDT Structure Fire Response Continues in Otay Mesa, Evacuation Order and Warning Re-Issued
05/17/2024 02:15 PM PDT Re-Ignited Structure Fire in Otay Mesa, Evacuation Order and Warning Lifted


Please note that Disaster Info Updates on AlertSanDiego.org are intended for regional emergencies that pose significant threat to large numbers of people and/or property. Check media and local fire and/or law enforcement for information about smaller, localized events.